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This is a place where the best features of the rugged Irish links blend with the mystique and romance of the American West, on the vast plains of Colorado.

Rodeo Dunes Routings

Layouts of the first two courses at Rodeo Dunes—one by Bill Coore and Ben Crenshaw, the other by Jimmy Craig.

Rodeo Dunes Routing

Layout of the Coore Crenshaw course at Rodeo Dunes.

New Rodeo Dunes Images

So… What could Rodeo Dunes look like?

Artist renderings by Peter Flory.

The Sounds of Rodeo Dunes

Hear from the people behind Rodeo Dunes.

Michael Keiser, Co-Owner/Co-Developer

What does the site remind you of?

What course is your inspiration for Rodeo Dunes?

Compare your first time seeing Sand Valley to your first time seeing Rodeo Dunes.

Jim Craig, Architect

What makes a good golf course routing?

What similarities and differences do you have with your mentors Coore & Crenshaw?

Talk about your first time seeing the Rodeo Dunes site.

“The first time I saw this site, I knew it was the one.”

—Michael Keiser

“The dunes were stacked on top of each other. I would walk over one and I would literally be lost.”

—Jimmy Craig

A first look at Rodeo Dunes.


Initially, one course by Bill Coore & Ben Crenshaw, a second course by Jim Craig.

The Plan:

With over 2,000 acres available, the property supports up to six courses.

Architects’ Notes:

This property has sand, open expanses, good terrain, and intriguing green sites—the fundamentals of holes that stand up over time.