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“Words don’t really do the site justice.”

—Mike Keiser

New Bandon Par 3 to be named Shorty’s

“On a recent walk reviewing the routing for the new Par 3, I was inspired by my first memory of meeting Shorty Dow. Everyone knows of the vista near 14 tee on Bandon Trails where Shorty first took our group, but he also hiked us along the Ridge Trail to tour a location where I could have a clear view of the dunes that lay underneath all the encroaching gorse. Looking out over the same set of dunes on that recent walk I thought, ‘This is the land that Shorty would want to oversee.’”

—Mike Keiser

The Routing

Mike Keiser, known for his personal scale of grading conceptual holes during planning, says the property abounds with limitless opportunity for great golf. Yes, that means almost unheard of scores—think eights and nines—on Keiser’s scale out of 10.

How did it go from 12 to 19 holes?

“…it was just a good, fun walk. We didn’t want the walk to end. Can you guys find some more holes?”

—Dave Axland in Golf Digest

A first look at Shorty’s, Bandon’s new par-3 course.


Rod Whitman, Dave Axland, and Keith Cutten


A 19-hole par-3 course


No schedule for opening yet.

Where is it?

The new short course at the resort will be located between the first hole of Bandon Trails and the ocean to the west. The site, with its incredible long views, has enormous potential.

On a mission:

Similar to its neighboring short course, Bandon Preserve, the new short course will again be a ‘course with a mission,’ directly funding the Wild Rivers Coast Alliance’s grant-making efforts on the Southern Oregon Coast.

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“I expect it to give the Preserve a run for its money.”

—Mike Keiser on