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“The Nest is punctuated by creative dips and ridges and compelling angles that offer all the challenge of a traditional round, on a course that can be played with just a handful of clubs in a fraction of the usual time.”

—Golf Digest

Local Knowledge

The Nest boasts greens with strong movement, short grass surrounds and the same style of rustic, rugged bunkers that are found throughout Cabot Links and Cabot Cliffs. Whether it’s the quest for that elusive ace, the chasing of daylight during the late-fall days or a travel day that leaves you aching to stretch your legs, the short course is the fix for all of it.

Course Stats:

1,304 yards | par 30

Year Opened:


Rod Whitman & Dave Axland

What is it?

10-hole short course

First timer pro tips:

Don’t keep score. Instead, grab a few clubs and play match play with your tripmates for a beverage at the Public House. You’ll talk about who won the contest—not what you shot.

What makes The Nest unique?

After dinner, was the sun dips low, you can play The Nest under lights, allowing you to sneak in some more golf.

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Did you know?

Rod Whitman, the Nest’s designer, used the greens of great classic courses as inspiration. Can you figure out what courses served as the Great Whit’s inspiration?