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“A layout that checks every box—from its distinctive, sand-based setting and joy-filled appeal for both low- and high-handicappers, to its plethora of individually memorable, strategy-laced holes that unfurl on a massive scale.”

—Golf Magazine

Local Knowledge

The meandering layout has enormous fairways, big accessible greens, and visually-unique hillsides of exposed sand, “mammoth dunes” that became the course moniker.

Course Stats:

6,988 yards | par 72 | 72.4 | 132

Year Opened:


David McLay Kidd

Course Ranking:

Top-100 Public – Golf Digest

“Best New Golf Course of 2018.”

—Golf Magazine

Mammoth Dunes is my favorite course at Sand Valley because…

I prefer a course that fosters fun more than a course that requires max effort from your game.


First timer pro tips:

To score well on Mammoth Dunes you really must hit it in the right spots in the fairway to position yourself to get to some hole locations on mammoth size putting surfaces. Take your caddie’s advice!

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What makes Mammoth Dunes unique?

Mammoth Dunes may draw its name from the prehistoric pachyderms that once roamed the grounds during the Ice Age, but architect David McLay Kidd created a golf course of mammoth scope and scale. Golfers can swing freely on the tee, and outsized slopes and sand pits create thrills and spills. The greens themselves maintain the theme – meaning that sometimes a well-placed miss can be even better than an indifferent GIR.

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Did you know?

Mammoth Dunes has approximately twice the amount of manicured grass than your average country club course. That’s a lot of mowing and maintenance!