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“The hottest course in America right now – looks like it was lifted, cleaned and placed from the West of Scotland.”

—Golf Digest

Local Knowledge

Inspired by C.B. Macdonald’s iconic work, course architects Tom Doak and Jim Urbina crafted a course that plays across vast greens, among myriad angles of play, and from the depths of fierce bunkers.

Course Stats:

6,944 yards | par 71 | 74.4 | 134

Year Opened:


Tom Doak & Jim Urbina

Course Ranking:

Top-100 Public – Golf Digest

Old Macdonald is my favorite course at Bandon because…

Right now, my favorite is Old Mac because of the Ghost Tree hole, the view coming up on 7 and 15, and the play on hole 5 and 11.


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First timer pro tips:

You don’t need to know every name of C.B. Macdonald’s template holes by heart to appreciate Old Macdonald. Just flip to the back of the scorecard and use the cheat sheet we provide while playing!

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—The Fried Egg

What makes Old Macdonald unique?

Those familiar with Macdonald’s work will compare and contrast his holes and our own with their forefathers at St. Andrews, Leven, and Littlestone; others will have the chance to experience for the first time these classic concepts which are the very foundation of the game.

—Tom Doak

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Did you know?

Legend has it a group of early trustees visited the course during construction with the intent of testing whether the Ghost Tree would be an unfair obstacle on the third hole. Multiple drives toward the tree resulted in no direct hits and thus the tree was deemed fair and kept as a general aiming point.