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“A great short course that provides mini versions of template holes. Biarritz, Redan, Double Plateau, etc. are all there as the design was well thought out.”

—Golf Digest

Local Knowledge

The Sandbox started conceptually as a par-2 putting course and evolved into a par-3 with holes ranging from 40 to 140 yards. This is why to this day the course is set up with “putting tees” where you can putt to the green on every single hole.

Course Stats:

1,652 yards | par 51

Year Opened:


Bill Coore & Ben Crenshaw

What is it?

17-hole short course

“Best New Short Course of 2018”

—GOLF Magazine

First timer pro tips:

Fun is first at Sandbox. This is your chance to take dead aim and focus on winning greenies and skins. The Sandbox rewards creativity and vision, so break out the bump-and-run or the high, soft cut wedge. And don’t forget that the putter can also be an effective tool from the tee.

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What makes The Sandbox unique?

A 17-hole course is sure to raise anyone’s eyebrows. But look a little deeper, and you’ll see that Sandbox pays tribute to some of the greatest greens and short holes in golf. The fifth green, for example, is a miniature of the diabolical Road Hole green. You’ll also encounter such timeless tests as Double-Plateau and Lion’s Mouth. Sandbox is no pedestrian pitch and putt!

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Did you know?

Only one hole at Sandbox calls for more than niblick – and that’s the 150-yard 16th. You might scratch your head at this anomaly, but on this quirky and fun short course, Coore & Crenshaw had to nod to the quirkiest and most fun of all Scottish courses, North Berwick. The 16th is a full-sized Redan, one that Tom Doak called the third-best he’s ever seen!